How to be a Fashion Blogger

We are in a period of time wherewith every fashion blog brings a lot and a lot of bloggers, and they try to influence your next outfit. Nowadays even new as well as old big brands take help of influencers for marketing of their brands, Instagram has given a big platform to all those bloggers out there, and here you will find complete detail about how you can become a fashion blogger.

Are you searching for how to be a fashion blogger? It’s easy to get into the maze of blogs and wasting hours online, and still not getting a proper idea of how to be a fashion blogger. So we have bought you how you can be a fashion blogger and even you can influence people’s outfits. 

The most important and the basic things that you should first do is to follow fashion bloggers and their styles, so that with time you develop a good taste in fashion. When you get started with Instagram the first thing to do is to follow people and also increase your followers. To increase followers the most important step is to stay active as much as possible and keep posting on a regular basis.

As a beginner try posting at least 5 times a week, and use related #tags and use at least 25 #tags as the maximum limit is 30 tags per post, so there is no problem even you use 30 #tags. The next thing to do is tagging relevant accounts, it’s not like you are posting a picture about fashion and are tagging food bloggers in it. If you are posting pictures about fashion then tag fashion bloggers, if you are posting pictures about food then tag food bloggers, all it means is use relevant tags.

So these are the simple things that you should follow to get enough followers and be a famous blogger. Now here are some ways of styling you can try in the beginning and also can take ideas and try it in your way to get a better and new look.


The Girl In White

As a beginner, you can try this style, and clicking pictures on the streets will give aesthetic pictures. Going out with your casual clothes on but with a lot of positive attitude, and makeup as per your wish will give you an amazing collection of pictures to post.


Being Classy

The most important thing that changes everything is your ATTITUDE, no matter how beautiful outfits you wear if you don’t have that attitude within you then you won’t look your best. You can see in the picture above how bold the model has posed, it’s her attitude which is making her look so classy.


Simple shoot in different place

It doesn’t matter if you have worn simple clothes if it’s looking good on you, then don’t hesitate to wear simple outfits if you look really good in it, and try going out to different places to click pictures which will give your posts new variations.


Simple Yet Attractive

People nowadays just go behind fancy things, even they try to dress up just to get attention, because we are in a period of time where people just like to show off and nothing else, but while showing off they usually end making fun of themselves. So in this picture you can see how attractive she is looking even in simple outfits. Just dress up the way which looks good and you and then your pictures will surely rock the feeds of your followers.


The Cute One

Nowadays everyone is busy looking hot, sexy, stunning, but they forget that without any effort they can look absolutely cute. As you can see how cute the girl is looking even is a simple dress with little makeup. So as a fashion blogger all you need to keep in mind is trying new outfits and getting an amazing new look.


The Traditional Look

Have you ever tried traditional cloth? If not then you should try it as soon as possible, here you can see how good she looks in Kira. The clothing which the girl is wearing here is known as Kira and it is the traditional dress of Bhutanese women. It’s not important to wear Kira only you can wear any traditional outfit and look as beautiful as she is.


The Stylish Look

Trying a stylish outfit for a photo shoot is a very good idea to follow. As you can see how stunning she is looking in that outfit, and if you post such types of pictures in your Instagram your follower’s feeds are gonna rock that’s for sure. So keep on bringing variations on your posts, sometimes posting in simple outfits and sometimes stylish.


The Bong Beauty

Well if you really wanna post some absolutely amazing pictures on your Instagram then the best outfit is to go with Saree, it will give you really beautiful pictures for sure. You can see how beautiful the girl is looking in the picture above.


Styling With An Accessory

Why only styling with your clothes when you can look flawless with some accessories along. As I already said it is important to bring variations in your posts, so try carrying some accessories while a photoshoot to give the pictures a different look.


The Best Outfit Combination

Sometimes dressing is all about the perfect pairing, as you can see even though she has dressed up simply, but the combination of her clothes is making her look attractive. So another very important thing to keep in mind to be a fashion influencer, is the sense of a good combination of clothes.

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  1. Juanita Ward

    It’s really amazing on how you put all the different styles and trends together . Its necessary for people to know that’s it’s ok how they dress or how they look . Thank you for featuring me and I hope to see more different interesting blogs in the coming days . Thank you

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