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Mobile photography is not just a word it is a feeling for photography lovers. To do photography you don’t have to have a DSLR, or you don’t have to be a professional photographer, all you need is passion and a strong desire to do photography. If you are passionate about photography then a mobile phone camera is enough to capture amazing pictures. A person who is passionate about photography, will find something beautiful which may seem ordinary to others until it is captured in-camera. So if you are passionate about photography, but feel that to click amazing pictures you need an expensive DSLR and lenses, then you should surely read this.


rabbit photography

Always remember a good camera doesn’t always mean a good photo.

So don’t ever feel like you can’t do photography because you don’t have a good camera or an expensive DSLR. You just need to see things differently that’s all and you will have really amazing pictures with you.


flower photography

Important to understand the limitation of mobile camera

Well the most important thing we should keep in mind while photographing with a mobile camera is its strengths and weaknesses. Try not to go for portrait photography with a normal mobile camera, as it won’t be able to capture so many details in the picture. So try landscape photography, street photography, food photography, and the biggest strength of mobile photography is you can carry your mobile everywhere with you.


water droplet photography

Edit a bit to give a amazing look to the picture.

No matter how simple the picture you click, but if you edit it properly then it will surely give an amazing look to the picture. So remember editing is also a very important aspect of photography. There are many apps that you can use to edit your pictures, and some of the best are lightroom, picsart, snapseed. You can use any app whichever you feel good.

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