Photography, this is just not a word it is a feeling for all photographers out there, so photography can’t be exactly described in words. Photography is simple as well as complicated at the same time, let me explain how Capturing pictures from your mobile phone is very simple, whereas capturing pictures are very complicated as we need to look upon various factors before clicking a picture.

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What is photography?

In simple terms, photography can be defined as the process of capturing light with the use of cameras. The first photo in the history was captured by Nicephore Niepce in between the years 1826 to 1827.

Do you know? With the proper camera and equipment, you can even capture the wavelength of the light which is not visible to the human eye.

The first color photo was captured by Thomas Sutton by using Maxwell’s theories in 1961.

What kind of camera do you need?

Do you know Nokia was the first mobile company to come up with an in-built phone? The invention of new technologies has made our life a lot easier. Nokia 7650, and Sanya SPC – 5300 were the first two devices to come with in-built mobile cameras. 

Nowadays people have understood that a costly DSLR is not important to capture amazing pictures, mobile cameras are enough to capture really beautiful pictures.

It may sound weird, a photographer saying a DSLR is not compulsory to capture amazing pictures, but it is the truth even a mobile phone camera nowadays can take such amazing pictures that even low-cost DSLR’s can’t take.

Camera Gear and Accessories to have

Either you use a mobile phone or a DSLR gears and accessories are a must to capture good images:

  • A Tripod – A tripod is a very important equipment if you are into landscape photography or want to shoot some good trail light photos.
  • Lens – No matter you use a DSLR or a mobile phone to click pictures but you need a proper lens to get more detailed pictures.
  • Editing Software – Just clicking pictures aren’t enough nowadays you need good editing software to get a great outcome.

So these are some of the things which are very important to get some really great shots. There are many accessories one can use but, these are some basic requirements every photographer needs.

Some basic camera settings you must know

If you have a professional DSLR camera then there are 100 settings and menu options you should know. Now you might be thinking it’s gonna be very tough to master those tricks, but let me say you are wrong it’s very easy and simple, but usually, all those settings are not required that often. 

To get a picture of your desire all you need to is know this 3 basic settings before you click a picture, and they are:

  • Shutter Speed – It is the amount of time your camera sensor is exposed to the world while you are clicking pictures.
  • Aperture – Basically it can be defined as the “pupil” of the lens that opens and closes to let the different amount of light in.
  • ISO – Technically a bit more complex, but similar to the sensitivity of film for taking pictures in different lighting conditions.

So, I hope the above information was helpful for you to understand about photography.

Remember the Ansel Adams quote from earlier? There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. If the idea behind a photo is weak, using the right camera settings won’t make it better.

The basic settings and your skills can get you a picture of your desire, so never give up, keep clicking pictures and keep learning from your mistakes. 

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